What is a Mental Ninja?

A Mental Ninja is a person, child or adult, who is in control of his/her feelings and emotions even in difficult and stressful situations. This sounds like a very hard thing to be, but it is completely possible for everyone.

People with this ability are Mental Ninjas, the ancient Japanese warriors from the land of Iga and Koka.  The Japanese ninja, or shinobi no mono, were usually single agents who specialized in infiltrative and clandestine warfare to help gain a military advantage for the clan or lord they served.  One of the first lessons any ninja learned on their path was to develop what was known in the ninja arts as the Correct Mind.

The Correct Mind forms the foundation from which all ninja behavior is driven, and will ensure great and courageous achievement.  The principles of the correct mind include benevolence, righteousness, loyalty and fidelity.

The ninja believed that if he followed these principles and ignored outside, external influences, he would be on the path of virtue.  The ninja was strong enough mentally to block out any external influences, follow his heart, and live the life he knew to be correct.

With this concept in mind, it is possible for all of us to understand that negative external influences do not contribute to our overall satisfaction.  They do not enrich our lives and do not help us on our journey.

When it comes to negative encounters in our lives, it is in our power to control our emotions and attitudes.  We can either make a conscious decision to allow these things to affect us, and negatively affect our emotions; or we can be like the Mental Ninja, ignore the influences and follow the principles which lead to a virtuous and rewarding life.

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